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GiDi Flow Ltd. was established in 2017 to provide measurement expertise to the energy industry.

Headed up by Gilbert M Tonner, GiDi Flow has developed an industry reputation for expertise in independent flow consultancy. We have contributed to the development of national and international standards and guidelines, and have worked with a number of well-known national and international operators both onshore and offshore, offering reliable measurements that are traceable to these international standards.

We understand that accuracy in oil and gas flow measurement is challenging but critical. Using our own fully accredited tools - designed by measurement engineers for measurement engineers - we are independent and offer objective solutions to flow measurement.

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Our Team

Our team comprises four experienced and well-qualified flow measurement consultants, each with a long-term knowledge of the industry and specific expertise in:

  • Measurement techniques
  • International measurement standards
  • Design, operation and validation of measurement systems
  • Complexity of allocation systems
  • Legal requirements

Gilbert M Tonner

Gilbert M Tonner has worked in the Engineering Industry since 1966 progressively developing a career path, which has culminated in a Managing Directorship in a specialised Engineering Consultancy Company. The majority of his career has been concentrated in the area of flow measurement, allocation, sampling and analysis in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Many of the positions held have involved a high level of responsibility in terms of financial control and supervision, training/development of personnel, sales/marketing, domestic and overseas business development.

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Our Consultants Network

Between us, we have over 200 man years of experience in all aspects of measurement and allocation.

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Our Services

Objective support you can trust

GiDi Flow provides consultation in a comprehensive range of services to ensure appropriate measurement and allocation. Including engineering studies, project support and dispute resolution. Our team of independent flow measurement consultants offer objective, reliable support based on long-held industry experience.

Consistently adhering to industry standards and regulations, we ensure our clients’ data is accurate, reported on time and qualified by an independent external party.

Our Services

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